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Mar 25, 2008 rf deconfliction means avoiding radio interference between neighbouring frequencies. This report will be included in the authorization package for this deconfliction capability. Thales wins us dod spectrum deconfliction work air. A good video to show why deconfliction is so important, with an added appearance from. Apr 15, 2012 what it takes to use a deconfliction service.

The joint spectrum center jsc ordnance electromagnetic environment effects e3 risk assessment database joerad is a software tool that provides the necessary information to manage the conflict between introduced ordnance and radio frequency rf emitters used in joint operations. Serve as a point of contact for csa and joint task force commanders providing assistance with link 16 network selection and deconfliction issues utilizing the data available through the service web sites as needed to support this effort. This instruction applies to us link managers and deconfliction. Java desktop system how is java desktop system abbreviated. Shared awareness and deconfliction shade is an international political platform based in bahrain intended to develop structured strategy aimed at coordinating international naval activities combating piracy and people smuggling.

After submitting an entity into the systen, case explorer searches the entire database for a positive match based on certain criteria entered. Along with the case management aspect of case explorer, the program also runs casetarget deconfliction. Thales will work with ultra electronics advanced tactical systems to provide a software platform and update the defense departments link16 pulse deconfliction server under a contract awarded by the general services administration. Spectrum xxi software training and joint exercise support. You can help protect yourself from scammers by verifying that the contact is a microsoft agent or microsoft employee and that the phone number is an official microsoft global customer service number. Joint operating areas joas are used for mobile platforms i. Thales and ultra electronics advanced tactical systems have been awarded a gsa contract for the link16 pulse deconfliction server lpds. Spectrum xxi is a clientserver, windowsbased software system that provides frequency managers with a single information system to address spectrum management automation requirements. Air and missile defense planning and control system amdpcs. Operate and administer the lpds software and assist users in its operation. Vista, and xp, as well as windows server 2012, 2008, and 2003.

Enterprise services to warfighting defense systems. Apr 07, 2017 russia president vladimir putin signaled he was ready to risk a clash with the u. View roger mabrys profile on linkedin, the worlds largest professional community. Coliseum will be used to assist in pr validation and will provide the tools necessary for production management, scheduling, and deconfliction.

United states chairman joint chiefs of staff instruction 6232. The air and missile defense planning and control system amdpcs provides an automated command and control system to integrate air and missile defense planning and operations. The thalesbuilt web reference architecture software will work t. In a military context, deconfliction means keeping units or missions apart to reduce the likelihood of socalled friendly fire. Whenever we hear the terms joinedup management or joinedup government, this is a clue that excessive deconfliction has occurred. Deconflict definition at, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. An explanation of the socalled deconfliction line and the possible consequences of cutting it.

The jid maintains the link 16 joint network design library jndl as a virtual, netcentric collection of web sites to assist in pulse deconfliction and all aspects of link 16 system network distribution and. Joint spectrum interference resolution jsir support through analysis and deployment teams as necessary. Events include law enforcement actions, such as undercover operations, surveillance, and executing search warrants. Thales and ultra electronics advanced tactical systems have been awarded a u. Operational coordination and electromagnetic deconfliction analysis support. Thales to upgrade lpds under gsa contract in joint venture. This document defines the deconfliction tasks, traces them to software requirements and system test objectives, and documents the results of software and system testing.

This years event had several new features and components, including a combatant command sponsor that filled the role for the third. A simple yet invaluable practice that helps support agency leadership in enhancing officer safety and improving agency operations is event deconfliction. Thales and ultra electronics advanced tactical systems have been awarded a us general services administration contract to deliver an upgraded version of the aging department of defense dod link16 pulse deconfliction server lpds. Thales will use its web reference architecture to upgrade the lpds, which is scheduled for may 2016, according to a company news release. General services administration contract to deliver an upgraded version of the aging department of defense dod link16 pulse deconfliction server lpds, thales announced february 18. Area studies in support of unified combatant command requirements when requested. Serve in link 16 pulse deconfliction server lpds integrated product team ipt and configuration control board ccb capacity as stipulated in reference e. In many situations, the only alternative to deconfliction is devoting a lot more resources to coordination. Deconfliction is a military and engineering term that refers to the process of avoiding mutual interference, or outright hazards, among systems under the control of ones own sides. Therefore this document is equally applicable to all civilian and military pilots, who operate in class g airspace, and to all controllersflight information service officers fisos who provide an ats to them. It is most often used in the context of preventing fratricide, or having weapons hit ones own troops, but it has broader implications. Case deconfliction for law enforcement training program software. Thalesultra electronics ats team lands gsa contract to.

Under this award, thales will provide the software solution for spectrum. The link 16 pulse deconfliction server lpds the lpds provides the operating forces with centralized system to perform link 16 deconfliction the lpds provides the faa, dod and with centralized system to perform link 16 operations spectrum use monitoring and management the current lpds was developed in the late 1990s and. Full text of link16 spectrum deconfliction, 21 sep 2012. Thales web reference architecture is the selected software solution that will enable these lpds capabilities and it is planned for delivered in may 2016. X and y are pseudointeroperable if they can operate sidebyside without mutual interference. Joint continuous acquisition and lifecycle support development. Interoperability deconfliction leads us towards a negative notion of pseudointeroperability. Event deconfliction is the process of determining when law enforcement personnel are conducting an event in close proximity to one another at the same time.

The jid maintains the link 16 joint network design library. Theres also a version for linux and macos, but both are in beta and might not work as well as the windows edition. Joint battle commandplatform jbcp, fielded to the first unit equipped in may 2015, is the armys nextgeneration, friendly force tracking system, equipping soldiers with a faster satellite network, secure data encryption and advanced logistics. Planning and operations functions include radar and weapon systems analysis and emplacement locations based on critical and defended asset listsprioritization. Jointrange extension jre jointrange extension is a hardware and software system that receives information transmitted on a tactical data link in a particular area of operations and forwards that information to another tactical data link terminal beyond the line of sight. Dissertation of the posibilities of using the joint pulse. Aug 11, 2017 tech support scams are an industrywide issue where scammers trick you into paying for unnecessary technical support services.

Thales wins us dod spectrum deconfliction work air traffic. General services administration contract to deliver an upgraded version of the aging department of defense dod link16 pulse deconfliction server lpds. Coalition airspace management and deconfliction abstract the risk of fratricide is a constant problem in all military engagements, a problem that is exacerbated in coalition operations where military forces from many allied nations operate in close proximity. Always on preparing for the next engagement enterprise services to warfighting by warren suss the 21st century is the information era. Enhancing officer safety through the use of event deconfliction systems officer safety is a top priority of law enforcement chief executives across the nation. This innovative software solution also supports the chairman of the joint chiefs of staffs command, control, communications, and computerscyber capabilities j6 and joint warfighter j7 directorates.

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